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My heart used to skip a beat…

I carry my MP3 player with me at all times because I don’t want to have to see you (with her). I pretend it’s an object of intense interest, that I can’t take my eyes off it, and hear nothing else but the music.



Post-Valentine’s resolution to get over the one-way crush


It stopped getting fun, this crush, or admiration, or almost balanced commensalism… whatever this is. Though it’s really supposed to be a casual friendship with one party so much more invested.

Last Valentine’s Day I didn’t even know you. But this Valentine’s Day, I went to great lengths just to avoid seeing you with that girl. Now that this Valentine’s Day passed by with me hanging on to these unresolved, unrequited, unspoken feelings… I get to thinking, what if I reach one year still stuck with these useless feelings?


This makes me think that blind dates are really a bad idea…


Here in the Philippines, girls like me are called NBSB. No Boyfriend Since Birth. This makes people think that I’m either a man-hating, anti-romance feminist, or else boyfriend-desperate. However, I’m pretty normal. (At least, in the romance attitude scale–I wouldn’t claim to be regular in all aspects and I’ve been called “eccentric” and “quirky” numerous times in my life.)

Like many other single girls, I have my highs and my lows. At times I’m giddy and high on the glory of singlehood–there are so many things that are this-much-more-fun because I’m single. Who needs guys? My life is awesome the way it is. Of course, there are also times that I lament over my solo status–I wish to love and be loved, and bask in love’s springtime. Why am I single, I’m pretty, smart, cheerful and I have a good job. Or is there actually something wrong with me?

So there are times when I think that maybe I should go ahead and take up my dentist/family friend on her offer to matchmake me with a blind date.