Writing and rewriting my own tales day by day

It’s no secret that lately, I’ve been feeling miserable. All other aspects of my life are going terribly, aggravating my writer’s despair, and I feel like I’m steadily sinking in a bottomless pit of depression. And all my negative feelings are plain as day, all over my face, discernible in the lethargic way I carry myself lately. My office friends ask me what’s wrong, and say they miss my smile and laughter.

But more than that, they also try to find ways to cheer me up.

It may seem like a simple thing. But I’m always touched when other people make an effort to bring me cheer. With friends, I’m usually the talkative, clumsy eccentric with surprising one-liners, jumping around energetically. Being used to that side, sometimes people avoid me when I’m less than bouncy. Perhaps they’re at a loss, wondering how to deal with that kind of me. However, my office pals refuse to give up, despite my extreme negative mood. I’m one more sleepless night away from being a complete emotional vampire. I can’t be easy to have around, much less spend good vibes on.

The efforts are appreciated. I’m truly grateful to have such friends. And to show that, I’ll also try my best to smile, laugh, and find happiness in the little positive things that come my way. I’m not going to bounce back quickly, and I’ll probably regress, crawling back into my bottomless pit a couple of times… but at least, I won’t let myself walk around looking half-dead.

And going on another Breakfast Club TGIF-S session, I’ll actively try to raise my spirits as well, as they try to make me smile and laugh. Thanks, breakfast buddies.


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