Writing and rewriting my own tales day by day

I miss the times when one can call out to the entire department: “Let’s eat!” and instantly, many would reply “Okay!” or “Wait for me!” When one can grab the hand of anyone in the department and say: “Come with me!” When one can plan a TGI-day and invite everyone in the department.

As the department grew bigger, my friends and I could foresee that certain changes would inevitably occur. Where we used to see friends everywhere, we started seeing the new department-mates only by face and name. We were separated into teams. And of course, some of the people close to our hearts were starting to leave…
But it didn’t stop there. I find that as I am unable to bridge the distance between myself and the newbies, so the distance between myself and the people I once considered as friends also grew.

And those once-friends, my friends and I used to invite them to all our dinners, drinking sessions, and trips. They’ve always declined though, even on our birthdays, citing busy schedules and prior commitments, and we always thought: “Oh alright, maybe next time.”

But it turns out that with the “other people,” they can always find time. Of course people have the right to choose who they hang out with. I’m merely surprised that they’re not even making a pretense of the department being one big happy family, and being very selective with which department-mates to hang out with and making their own exclusive group.

This intra-department game of “The Boat is Sinking” made some of my friends very sore, wondering why they weren’t extending even courtesy invites. For my part… I have to admit, I’m wondering: “Why is it a ‘No’ for us, but a ‘Yes’ for the others?”

I do like my existing group of friends though, and while it’s nice to have everyone being friendly, I’m fine as long as I still have those friends. I guess I should just be glad that I have precious memories of the days when we truly were one big happy family.


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