Writing and rewriting my own tales day by day


Here in the Philippines, girls like me are called NBSB. No Boyfriend Since Birth. This makes people think that I’m either a man-hating, anti-romance feminist, or else boyfriend-desperate. However, I’m pretty normal. (At least, in the romance attitude scale–I wouldn’t claim to be regular in all aspects and I’ve been called “eccentric” and “quirky” numerous times in my life.)

Like many other single girls, I have my highs and my lows. At times I’m giddy and high on the glory of singlehood–there are so many things that are this-much-more-fun because I’m single. Who needs guys? My life is awesome the way it is. Of course, there are also times that I lament over my solo status–I wish to love and be loved, and bask in love’s springtime. Why am I single, I’m pretty, smart, cheerful and I have a good job. Or is there actually something wrong with me?

So there are times when I think that maybe I should go ahead and take up my dentist/family friend on her offer to matchmake me with a blind date.

Tita “C” has long planned to set me up with a particular “nice young man that she knows.” I’ve mostly been on the noncommittal or avoidant mode whenever she brings it up. In my social circles, a blind date is something that is only done when a girl is at the very pinnacle of singleton despair. Who even considers it, really?

But frustrations with guys of interest and my girl friends similarly disappointing love lives have pushed me into thinking: “Hmm… maybe I should go on that blind date. It should be okay, if he brings an unattached guy friend of his and I go with my fantastic roommate. Mae will surely agree to go…”

On my most recent visit to Tita “C,” I was trying to find a way to tell her, hey, maybe the blind date thing wasn’t such a bad idea. Before I could find the words, Tita “C” starts recounting my would-be blind date’s reaction to my picture: “Tita, she doesn’t even look like she’s in her twenties. Why are you setting me up with a kid?”

One, how did he even see my picture–did Tita “C” show it to him? Two, I am in my twenties, regardless of the way I look. Three, I’m the one who’s at a disadvantage here, I haven’t even seen his face! I really don’t think he’s in any position to complain about the way I look.

So much for that possible blind date.

Despite this step back, I think I might still consider blind date prospects in the future. It will most likely turn out badly, but in the end, I’d regret it more if I didn’t try at all. I wouldn’t be trying it in the near future though.


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